Adjusting Your Monitor to See Easier

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Adjusting Your Monitor to See Easier
Adjusting Your Monitor to See Easier

Adjusting Your Monitor to see easier will help you out in relieving a lot of the touble that people have with seeing and using a computer.

I find that there are many people using a computer with such bad settings that they are hurting their eyes and getting headaches. There is not much of a reason to go through this as most video cards ad monitors these days are built to help, not hurt your eyesite.

I want to go over three adjustments that, although simple, will save a lot of wear and tear on your vision and make using the computer a much more comfortable experience.

Adjusting your monitor to see easier

Proper LCD resolution – It is pretty easy to improve the resolution of your monitor and it can pay big dividends. With older CRT monitors you would just change the resolution to something that was good for your eyesite and leave it at that but with LCD monitors it is a little tougher. When you get your monitor it will have a preset resolution that you should set it at, 1280×1024 or on a very nice wide screen 1920×1080 (that last number is where the 1080P of HDTV comes from).

You can look up the book or your monitor name on the internet to find out what the manufacturer resolution is. I have LCD monitors that I support that are set to 1024×768 because the users like the big letters but really the resolution is supposed to be 1280×1024 and you can see at the proper resolution all the letters on the screen are very crisp and at the wrong resolution they will look fuzzy.

Increasing refresh rate – The refresh rates on current LCD monitors are not important these days as we do not have a pulse/decay as we did on older CRT monitors. If you do still have a CRT monitor the technology is that it will fire a beam at the screen and as the brightness of the pixel fades (decays) it sends another beam. At 60 hz it is very irritating but at 75 hz it is much better. As I said this is not nearly as important (or sometimes even possible to change) with newer LCD monitors.

Watch your theme – the theme that you choose or alter may be giving you as big a problem as anything else. Once you have set your screen resolution and probably your refresh rate it is very helpful to look at your screen objectively for you. Is the lettering and fonts hard to read? Is the look grating on your eyes? Any of these things can cause eyestrain and this is going to make you work on the computer very unpleasant.

A couple of things that you can look at is the font size as well as the desktop background. A nice big font is easier to see and the background is easier to look like if it has a solid color as the background.

These are some quick and easy tips for Adjusting Your Monitor to See Easier let us all know if they help you and if I have missed anything


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