Does The iPad Have a USB Port?

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Does The iPad Have a USB Port? The lack of an iPad USB port has always been an issue with the first release of the iPad. Now, with the release of the iPad, many users will be eager to find out whether any USB port is included as part of the design.

Does The iPad Have a USB Port?

Does The iPad 2 Have a USB Port?
Does The iPad Have a USB Port?

The iPad Air is a sleeker model when compared to the original device. What this means for anyone looking for an iPad USB port is that, now the iPad is thinner, there’s even less room for one – unfortunately the iPad doesn’t come fitted with a USB port.

As well as the USB port, it’s useful for all potential iPad buyers to note that Apple also decided not to include Flash support (which wasn’t really a surprise given what they’ve said about Flash in the past). More frustrating is the lack of an SD memory card slot.

But are iPad users really missing out just because they don’t have a USB port, Flash support or an SD card slot?

How Can You Use Your USB Devices On The iPad?

To avoid compromising the sleek and portable iPad design, Apple have come up with adapters to solve the problems of missing ports. These aren’t anything new – we saw them with the original iPad – and they are sold for those looking to connect their camera to the device.

The Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit sells for $29 and features two separate adapters. Firstly there’s the SD card slot to be used with memory cards, and secondly there’s a USB adapter for plugging your camera or iPhone into the iPad.

However, the USB adapter may work for certain unofficial uses, such as plugging in USB microphones, headphones and keyboards. You can also download apps that allow you to connect external storage devices using Apple’s Camera adapter. The truth is that it’s useful for many more devices than just cameras!

Is The Lack Of An iPad USB Port Really A Drawback?

People are generally in two camps when it comes to the iPad USB port argument: those that don’t think a USB port is necessary for a portable device of this type, and those that think Apple should have included it ever since the beginning. For those who want to connect a camera, the additional adapter charge may not be ideal, but it’s worth it to benefit from all the other features that the iPad DOES have to offer. So yes and no the the iPad does kind of have a USB Port.

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