July 14, 2024
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Whilst there are a number of benefits to using handheld eBook readers, everything comes with its downside too. Here are a few of the reasons why digital book readers may not be for you. But if you love to read then Books First provides with all the variable story books to read.

Drawbacks of Handheld eBook Readers

Drawbacks of Handheld eBook Readers
Drawbacks of Handheld eBook Readers

Powered By Electricity – One of the first obvious drawbacks of the eBook reader is that they need electricity to work (unlike physical books). You will need to check the battery life of any reader you buy to see whether it suits you (especially if you travel a lot – as having to charge your reader could limit just how portable it really is).

The Cost and Availability of the eBooks – When it comes to buying eBooks, many people expect them to be far cheaper than physical books due to the fact that there are fewer materials involved. However, at present eBooks are almost the same price as physical books. Another major drawback is that the title you are looking for may not be available in eBook form. eBook availability is constantly growing, though.

It’s Not the Same As Reading A Real Book – There’s no getting around the fact that reading a book has a certain feel that handheld eBook readers can’t quite match. E-Ink is far better than reading a computer screen, but still not the same as paper – especially when you consider the fact that eBook readers are not yet available in color. However, designers make sure that readers are as comfortable as possible, and you will generally get used to them in no time.

eBook Readers Are Not More Eco Friendly – Some people argue that, though eBooks save on paper, they are not more eco friendly due to the electricity, plastic and other factors that go into making handheld eBook readers. However, the sheer amount of printed books and paper that could be saved as a result of the eBook reader should outweigh these concerns.

The Cost – There’s no escaping the fact that handheld eBook readers are going to cost you a lot more than a book – however, this cost will be made up for over time the more you use it. You will have to be more careful not to damage your reader, though!

What About the Books I Already Own – Some people claim that they don’t need to be able to take thousands of books wherever they go, which is understandable. If you travel often, then an eBook reader is probably useful due to the fact that you don’t need to carry as many heavy books. However, a major drawback is the fact that you can’t convert the books you already own to digital format unless you buy them again (and they are available as an eBook).

Can’t Share eBooks – Lastly, many book lovers get joy from sharing their books with others, and selling them on, or giving them away, when they are done reading. This isn’t possible with eBooks, and you’ll each need to buy your own copy, which could work out more expensive depending on your book reading habits.

Drawbacks of Handheld eBook Readers

There are, inevitably, some drawbacks to using handheld eBook readers – and they won’t be for everyone. However, many people are already enjoying the new technology and finding that it can help them access books they would previously have just left on the shelf unread. Go to a store and pick up one of the handheld eBook readers and see what you think.