July 14, 2024
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Well after being caught up in the Windows Vista hype last weekend I finally installed Windows Vista on Thursday. I was very excited except for me Vista is not ready for prime time. I have two computers at home, one computer – my main computer is a XP 2000+ with 512 megs ram and a 64 meg video card, our secondary computer is a new Acer XP3500+ 64 biy with internal video and 512 megs of ram. This secondary computer was the one that I decided to put Windows Vista on.

The install went smoothly enough and took about an hour I guess, I am not running the Aero interface as I expected as the internal video is not good enough and because of this and my small amount of ram my Vista index is only a 2.0 out of 6. But at least I now have Vista running in my house. One more problem that I have is that my 1 gig USB thumb drive is apparently not supported for use as a ready boost device according to Vista, makes ma a little sad as I thought that this would help my performance quite a bit.

I am really excited to have Vista running but why then did I say that it is not ready for primetime for me? Well the OS is great and different which does not bother me but my computers just are not up to snuff to be running this. I* expect that 2 gigs of ram is needed to really run Vista well and I am sure that will be a standard for new computers in 6 months time anyway. I may upgrade both machines in the next few weeks so that I can take advantage of Vista and all of the new features that even I do not know much about yet.

No matter where you are sitting on the whole “should I upgrade” debate we all have to know as IT guys that there is no choice but to move soon to the new Microsoft OS lest we become the future trolls in newsgroups talking about how we pimped out Windows 95 or XP or some other acncient OS that no one is using anymore.