March 20, 2023
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Well another new Firefox release and this one is supposed to be good. I have not done any beta testing with the new Firefox as it tends to be hard to regress to an older version so today I just installed the newly released Firefox 3.5.

I like the new Firefox so far except for one crappy niggly problem with any new release and that is that most of my Firefox extensions, also known as Firefox Add-ons are not working. There is a fix though and it is the same with the older versions as well.

To reset the compatibility for Firefox Extensions go to the address bar and type about:config and hit enter.

Now that you are in the configuration portion of Firefox just right click anywhere in the first comumn and select new–>Boolean

the boolean has to be called extensions.checkCompatibility and when you hit enter it will ask you if you want this to be set to True or False, choose False.

Now after a restart all of your extensions should work fine and be active.

Let me know what you are finding. Do you like the new Firefox 3.5?