July 14, 2024
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Firefox 3I have been testing the various betas of Firefox 3 and the release candidates as well but today at 10 AM Pacific time the Mozilla folks are going to try and open up the floodgates and release Firefox 3 with a strategy to try to make Firefox 3 the biggest 24 hour download of all time. I am not sure if I phrased that right but I think last I heard they were hoping that 60 million downloads would happen in the first 24 hours of release.

I remember back in 1999 or so when ICQ was so popular and they had 100 million downloads in a couple of years and that seemed amazing. 60 million downloads in a day would be fantastic and I would love to see how they count and scale the downloads in the background, perhpas someone smarter and more in the nknow then me could tell us.

So why would you want Firefox 3? Well the community is very active so there are a ton of extensions that make this more than just a browser and more like an active application that can collect and process content. Also with the latest release cnadidate I found it much quicker than the old version and many people say that it is much more stable as well.

Can’t wait until 10 o’clock to upgrade my machines. I expect the best link to watch for the upgrade release is the main Firefox page.