July 14, 2024
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I use Firefox and one of the plugins I like most is the Google Notebook plugin. With Google Notebook I can just click on a button in the taskbar in the bottom of the Firefox screen and see everything that I have copied and pasted into there.

I used to just save things occasionally in Google notebook until a few weeks ago when I had to remember an IP address between my kitchen computer and my living room computer. Think, think, think. I could write this down or write it or save it to a text file in a shared folder (I am very non-digital sometimes) then I thought:

“Hey why not use Google Notebook”

All I needed to do was open that little button on the bottom of my Firefox, copy and paste the IP address into that, walk over to the other PC and open Google Notebook on that computer and Voila (I never use that word in real life just online) I had the IP there to paste into the other thing I was doing.

One of the things that happens more and more to people these days is using multiple computers at home. I regularly use 1 computer at work but I regularly use three different computers at home. Part of my install for all of my computers is to install Google Notebook anyway