Google personalized page update

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google-pers-update.jpgSometime over the last day or do it looks like Google updated the personalized page feature.

If you have not used the personalized page feature it is a fantastic way to keep up with news and RSS feeds that you see updated throughout the day all that you need to do is use the add button at the top left of the page and you can add any valid RSS feed, or other widget, allowed by Google. Previously the Google personalized page just had links to the stories but now there is a change that there is a plus sign. When you click on the plus sign the story will expand and give you what ever RSS feature that is there, either partial or full fee of the story.

This is I believe one of the strongest features that Google had before and now it is much better than it was. Another example of simple ways that Google is adding small features that really impact and help end users.

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