Google Reader Shortcuts

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I have played with Google Reader for a while now and although great News is a great feed reader as well as RSS Owl I keep thinking that bloglines or Google Reader would be the way to go so that I can access my RSS feeds from different computers at home, work or on the road.

First of all I was able to get to Google Reader in Firefox just by typing google reader in the address bar. Next I was able to export my feeds from Great News as a OPML file and then Google Reader allowed me to import the feeds along with their categories that I have spent so much time setting up.

Now I have my feeds and a way to access them. Google has also offered some keyboard shortcuts for Google Reader so theat I can get around the app a bit faster by stating away from the mouse a bit.

The great thing now is that I can look at all of the unread articles from the feeds that I am following and  after reading them all I can mark them that way and next time I am at a web browser I can see all of my newly unread articles.

Google Reader is a very fast and easy way to keep up with all of the news that hte blogs find fit to read.


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