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One of my favorite pastimes when I have a little downtime at work or at home is catching up with some the 200 or so rss feeds that I have in my feed reader. As some people know I have used a few in the past. I settled on SharpReader last year but thanks to Dave at work I have found a new and great newsreader that helps me blog as well.

Great News is an RSS reader with a twist. While I used to like having articles that I read sometimes open up in a new Firefox or IE window I also like the fact the Great News will open a new tab within the app itself when I open up a new link from within a post.

The single greatest feature to me though of Great News is that if I want to blog a post that I am reading then Great News, with the click of a “blog this” link will allow me to post right from a new tab with a link to the post itself for ease and convenience. When I do the blog this in Great News it actually opens up a new post page for my Movable Type this is differenct becasue usually any other tool that I know of just uses the mt-xmlprc connection but this method that Great News uses actually gives me more flexability and control.

And to go along with the whole open source aspect of blogging of course Great News is free.

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