Great Reasons to get an Ipad 2

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Lots of people including me are looking for reasons to get an Ipad 2. With the new version of the iPad now available, many people are quick to ask “why buy iPad 2?” Is it really worth buying the new model when there are other tablets on the market, and is it worth current iPad users upgrading their device?

Great Reasons to get an Ipad 2

1) You Love Having The Latest Greatest Thing

Reasons to get an Ipad 2
Reasons to get an Ipad 2

Not everyone will admit it, but there are millions of people out there who line up at the Apple Store on release date simply because they love to have the latest greatest thing before everybody else. Even if you haven’t gone to that extreme, the iPad 2 is still a “must-have” gadget! You’d be missing out if you didn’t get your hands on one.

2) It Won’t Cost Any Extra

Apple have decided to price the iPad 2 at exactly the same price as the original model, which means you’re not going to have to pay any more money for getting a sleeker design, front and back cameras, faster operating system and more.

3) You Already Use iTunes or Have An iPhone

There’s no denying that there are plenty of rival tablets out there to choose from, but if you already use other Apple devices, and software like iTunes, then you’ll find that it makes a lot more sense to stick with the iPad 2. What’s more, if you already have apps for your iPhone or iPod Touch, you can find many of the same apps adapted and available for the iPad 2.

4) You Need A Camera

One of the big reasons to get an Ipad 2If you already have the original iPad but find that you need a camera (whether for video calling, taking photographs, shooting movies and so on) then the iPad 2 is definitely the solution for you. The new cameras on the front and back of the device are its main new features. If you held off buying the iPad because it didn’t have a camera, or you miss the camera functionality on the original device, then the iPad 2 is the answer for you.

5) You Want A Large Choice of Apps

Although there are a number of other tablets on the market, pretty much none of them have as many app choices as the iPad. There are hundreds of thousands of iPad apps available in the Apple App store, and more are being developed every single day. This is a huge advantage when it comes to choice, and the new iOS operating system upgrade brings even more potential.

6) You Want A Gyroscope For Better Gaming

Although the word gyroscope might not mean anything to you, what it can bring to the iPad 2 might. The iPad 2 now features an added gyroscope for much more accurate motion censoring. This means that a number of games and apps will become even better!

7) You Don’t Already Have An iPad

The major reason why you would choose to buy the iPad 2 is if you don’t already own an iPad. The success of the original iPad has shown the critics that this really is a useful, stylish, easy to use and worthwhile device that truly has a place on the market. Why haven’t you got one yet?

There are the top reasons to get an Ipad 2 that I have thought of. If you have any more reasons to get an Ipad 2 please add them below.

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