December 10, 2023
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Well finally Microsoft has tried to come up with a Firefox killer by releasing Internet Explorer 7 and later this month pushing it out through Windows Update.

I have installed the final release of Internet Explorer 7 and I have found that there is no new changes from the last release candidate but the install was a little irritating. After downloading the first bit I had the quick experience of accepting a check of my machine to make sure that I had a valid copy of Windows, a question of wether I wanted the malicious code checking software (no) and then of the current browser, Internet Explorer 6 was uninstalled and then there was a reboot and some installing and then another reboot and now I am back up.

One of the features that is a little irritating is the anti-Phishing bar and the wanting to reset web settings every launch but I am sure that shoiuld settle down soon enough. The one feature that I would like to see here is the support of extensions like Firefox and the ability to launch a whole folder of favorites in tabs like Maxthon still does and like Firefox does as well.

Time will see if this is enough to stop the erosion of market share going to Firefox and Opera.

Oh, and I just found out that IE7 has broken my Google Toolbar Spell Checker.


Looks like there was already a Google Toolbar push that fixed the spell checker. Also I just found in the tools button of the Internet Explorer 7 toolbars that allows you to get more “add ons” these are the same thing as extensions but I have no idea yet how open or closed the development of these addons is.