Internet Explorer 7 Toolbar fix

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If you have been using Internet Explotrer 7 and found that you do not like where the File-Edit-View menu is (in the middle of the other toolbars) there is a registry key you can insert to change this. If you are comfortable with the registry then you can look at the pic below and get an idea of where this registry key needs to be inserted: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ InternetExplorer \ Toolbar \ WebBrowser and insert a new Dword key named ITBar7Position and change the value to 1


For exact instructions do the following:
1. Go to start to run and type in regedit
2. Navigate by clicking the plus signs to HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ InternetExplorer \ Toolbar \ WebBrowser
3. Right click inside the right pane and select new–>DWord Value
4. Give the empty name key the name ITBar7Position
5. Double click on that key and change the value to 1
6. Reopen IE& to see your handy work.


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1 thought on “Internet Explorer 7 Toolbar fix”

  1. THANK YOU !!!! – just got IE7 and hate the toolbars

    Is there a way to move the new one with the star and star+ to be
    on same line as the other tool bar?

    To me it is a major waste of space in general and definitely a
    waste of veiwing space.

    IE7 help is totally ridiculous you click the ? mark to find out
    what you are looking at in the Advanced and get a screen with NO help

    Thank you

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