iPad2 iMovie And Garageband Are Finally Here!

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With the release of the new iPad – with two cameras that can record video – also came the release of an iPad 2 iMovie version, and the long anticipated Garageband app. Apple fans have been waiting on iPad versions of these popular Apple software programs for some time. Here’s a quick guide to what you can expect from the new releases.

The  iMovie iPad 2 Version

iMovie iPad 2 Version
iMovie iPad 2 Version

iMovie will work perfectly with the built in cameras on the iPad to help you edit your videos exactly how you need to.

Every time you shoot a new movie with the iPad 2, it’ll automatically be sent to iMovie for editing. The features are extremely similar to the Mac version of iMovie, including:

  • Video themes to enhance your movie,
  • Ability to insert photos into your movie,
  • Face detection to keep faces in the frame,
  • Ability to add text and graphics,
  • Combine and edit clips,
  • Add soundtracks or sound effects,
  • Share movies over the web,
  • Stream movies directly to your Apple TV,
  • Use the Apple Digital AV Adapter to play on your HDTV,
  • Transfer movies using iTunes.

In short, the iPad 2 iMovie app is a great advancement for those who love editing videos and want to take these capabilities on the road. What’s more, the app is affordable and easy to use.

Garageband for iPad

Garageband has traditionally been included with all Mac computers to allow users to create their own music, no matter how inexperienced.

The addition of Garageband to the iPad 2 means that users will be able to record music and create new pieces no matter where they are. To do this, Garageband features a number of virtual musical instruments that can all be controlled with touchers of the fingers. These include:

  • Drums,
  • Keyboards,
  • Synthesizers,
  • Guitars.

For those who don’t want to use the built in instruments, simply record your own music into the device and mix tracks while you’re on the go. The app is fully compatible with GarageBand on the Mac, perfect for those who need to switch between devices. The end result can then be shared via email, or added to the iTunes library.

The release of the iPad 2 iMovie and GarageBand apps certainly adds a whole new dimension to the iPad for those who are into music and video editing. Take your business and hobbies with you on the go!

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