iPad or Laptop

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The iPad vs. laptop debate has come a long way since the original iPad model was released. Now, with the release of the improved iPad 2, more and more people are set to get into the world of tablet computers. But can they really replace your laptop?


Both laptops and iPads are designed with portability in mind, but the iPad is the clear winner in this respect. The iPad 2 is slimmer and lighter than ever before, but with the same glossy screen and resolution. It’s easy to slip it into a bag and take it with you wherever you go, and it certainly won’t weigh you down in the way that a laptop will. And, with the release of the iPad 2 Smart Cover, it’s easy to prop up your iPad should you want to use it hands free to watch a movie!

It’s important not to forget that battery life is essential for any portable device. With new features added to the iPad 2 model, some people were worried that it would lead to a shorter battery life. This isn’t the case, and the iPad 2 features the same long 10 hour battery life of the iPad 1. There aren’t many laptops (except for Apple’s own MacBooks) that can boast such a long life when away from a power source!

A Lack of Ports

One important point of the iPad vs. laptop comparison is that the iPad 2 is still lacking a number of ports when compared to laptops. This includes a USB port, SD memory card slot, and basically anything other than the 30-pin Apple port. Apple have come out with a camera connector kit that means certain simple USB devices can connect to the iPad 2, but that’s the only way that buyers can do it. It’s also important to point out that the iPad 2 makes use of a touch screen rather than physical keyboard input, but this can be changed with the addition of the Apple iPad keyboard accessory.

Apps And Functionality

The iPad boasts a whole range of apps, but there still isn’t as much flexibility as with a laptop. When you buy an iPad 2, you’re being forced to using its specific operating system, and only downloading the apps that Apple approves.

With a laptop, you have far more choice when it comes to operating systems, and far more flexibility with the way that the operating system works. However, the iPad 2 is generally aimed at those who know what they need the iPad for, and the truth is that the iPad does have an app for just about any function! Multitasking on the iPad is also possible, bringing it closer in line with laptops in terms of functionality.

What Do You Need It For?

The truth is that the answer to the iPad vs. laptop debate has to be a personal one. If you already own a desktop computer then the iPad could be all you need to take specific things on the go. Or you may find that you want a laptop that can read DVD disks, connect to external USB devices and so on. Some people even claim that Apple never intended to enter into the laptop computer market – the iPad is simply an extension to other computers.

It really does depend on what you’ll use it for, but one thing’s for sure: more and more people are now getting their hands on tablet computers and taking their personal and business lives and interests with them on the move!

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