July 14, 2024
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iphone canadaI was just hunting around about Apple Iphones coming to Canada and found one company that is selling hacked Iphones in Canada for $985 this is a lot of coin for a product that does not even include the Visual Voicemail feature that is being offered by AT&T in the US.

So let’s say that you do buy a Canadian Iphone for $985(I won’t link because this is a shitty deal) now you need to have a carrier for your phone and data. The only company that has a GSM network in Canada is Rogers and the Iphone needs a GSM network to work at all. Rogers charges a lot for data, in fact apparently they charge three times what a carrier in the US would charge so your Iphine is going to be a bit pricy with all the push-pull of data that an Iphone uses just to do all of the features that you expect for it. The cost would apparently be around $300 per month every month.

The Iphone is the most exciting piece of personal tech to come out in a few years but here in Canada there will have to be some really big changes by the cell carriers to make it work for any person at all in Canada to buy an Iphone.

And if you were hoping that Bell or Telus will start offering the Iphone I am sorry but we are out of luck. The cellular network that is offered by Bell and Telus in Canada is different and is part of the business plan that those companies have. The cost would be at least a couple billion dollars to change the networks as the network, cell towers, and infrastructure is completely different than the GSM network that an Iphone in Canada would need.