Logitech Z506 Surround Speaker system

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I was just watching a video from Logitech at their site about the 5.1 surround sound speaker system that they will be releasing next month.

The video is really intriguing to see because it looks like these speakers will be loud and they will also be able to hook up to a standalone DVD player or TV as well as to your computer. Also the jacks on the back of the sub will give us all control over what kind of connections we have to hook up.

One of the features which is I think normal that they are pushing is that you can turn up or down the subwoofer, even my old 4.1 computer speakers do this so that is not all that impressive.

What will be great is that I can plug this into the itouch or iphone at home and it will simulate 5.1 sound which will be great but even better is if I watch a video in my bedroom then I can also watch it in surround without having a receiver in my bedroom.

Oh and the clincher for me is that it is listed for $99. which is way cheaper than I would even hope for. The selling point has to be that it will just be portable surround sound.

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