August 9, 2022
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Do you RDP? The remote desktop protocol is a way for you to access remote machines that are running Windows 2000 and newer. There is a client that you can use by going to start to run and typing mstsc and enter. This opens up the Terminal Services Client.

I use this app a lot to access individual server on the network as well as remoting on to my home computer. There are bigger apps that will save your setting for RDP connections such as the great piece of freeware Visionapp, but Microsoft just released a new client with a few new features that you can get by installing this update.

Do you want to know the new features? First of all there is some fixing that was done to the user experience, this makes it faster or slower to update to the screen. Here is the user experience tab as it is now


The other thing that has changed is that there are a couple of new options for selecting if you want to bring the clipboard or printers into that remote session as you can see below: