Netdrive – Turn your FTP into a drive letter

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One of the great things about a corporate environment is the easy access to mapped drives for home folders and resource folders. One of the things that I tend to do on a semi-often bases is to upload and download from my personal FTP. I have just been turned onto an old Novell resource called NetDrive that allows you to map a drive to an FTP site so that you can have your FTP very closely integrated to your Windows machine.

After you install NetDrive you will get the following window to map your FTP and thedrive letter that you want it to show up as. Also as you notice is a logon username and password. This is a bit dangerous if it gets in the wrong hands but if you lose your computer you may be in trouble anyway.

After you have setup these settings you will also have a tray icon that allows you to set other settings.

I have used this app now as a way to edit web files on the fly. I am sure I will not let go of my trusty Filezilla but at least this is a great way to easily get files up and down to and from my FTP.

I hope that the links about to NetDrive work but Novell has abandoned the software and apparently have no license to it. According to Novell the best way to find a link to the software is to do a search on Google for netdrive.exe and spin the wheel, see what comes up.


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