July 14, 2024
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teaching with Nintendo DSMy kid was really excited about this story about teaching with nintendo DS. Nintendo trying to get people in schools to use the DS as a teaching tool. I am not sure if the time is here but there are a few things going for it.

The man behind the massively popular video game franchise thinks so, saying he’s working hard to turn Nintendo Co.’s brand of handheld consoles into educational aids and teaching tools.

“teaching with Nintendo DS is maybe the area where I am devoting myself (the) most,” More Info about the interview made to the japanese video game guru Shigeru Miyamoto told The Associated Press.

Miyamoto said that Nintendo’s DS console was already being used in Japanese museums, galleries, and aquariums, and that his company was beginning to roll out the Nintendo DS system “in junior high and elementary schools in Japan starting in the new school year. To start teaching with Nintendo DS

He framed the project as part of his company’s effort to broaden the audience for gaming consoles and instead teaching with Nintendo DS

Miyamoto’s design credits include “Super Mario Bros.,” “Legend of Zelda,” and “Donkey Kong.” He also played a pivotal role in designing Nintendo’s popular new motion-sensitive console, the Wii, which has consistently outsold rivals by attracting nontraditional gamers such as women and seniors.

My views on teaching with Nintendo DS

I am involved in the PTA at my kids school and I know that the future is coming as quickly as us tech guys would hope. There are all sorts of issues with teaching and with class ans school sizes and even with the size and room for libraries but  things are changing in education and we start to look at technology perhaps the price point of teaching with Nintendo DS will be great if there is educational software that can be dropped on these little things.

We will see if my kids excitement has any grounding soon. Teaching with Nintendo DS may come sooner than we expect. These things tend to be picked up or not really quickly.