December 10, 2023
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With the new release of the iPad next generation model – the iPad 2 – many current iPad owners are wondering whether it’s worth upgrading or not. If that sounds like you then here are some of the most important points to consider before you decide.

Making Back The Costs By Selling Your Older iPad

As soon as the iPad 2 was announced, Apple also dropped the price of the first iPad by $100 to clear old stock. The iPad 2 took over at the standard iPad price point. This means that, for those looking to pay for their upgrade by selling the old model, you’ll expect to make a loss of a couple of hundred dollars, if your iPad is in good condition. This should be your reference point when deciding whether the upgrade is worth it. Are the new features worth a couple of hundred dollars to you?

How Much Does Speed Matter?

One of the most notable differences between the iPad next generation device and the original is that the iPad 2 is faster. Its new dual-core processor means that it can handle all kinds of functions quicker, and this is boosted with the recent improvements from iOS 4.3. Whether this is worth the money or not depends upon what you want to use your iPad for.

Are you just a casual user who uses your iPad to check email and browse the web from the couch? Or have you always wanted to use the iPad for more high-end tasks, such as playing some of the most advanced iPad games? If you’re in the former camp, an upgrade might not be worth it. If you’re in the latter, however, it could greatly improve your productivity.

Separating iPad 2 Features From iOS 4.3 Features

iOS 4.3 is also available for the original iPad, so it’s important to distinguish between improvements that are available to everyone, and those that are specific to the iPad next generation device. For example, the iOS update includes faster Safari Speeds, iTunes Home Sharing and improvements to Airplay without the need to buy the new iPad. However, the new processor, camera, video editing etc. are only available to iPad 2 users.

Do You Want To Take Advantage Of The Newest Apps and Features?

Some improvements in the iPad 2 means that certain apps will work far better on the newer model. For example, the iPad 2 features a gyroscope, bring far more precision to motion based apps and games. Apps such as iMovie are also available to iPad 2 users only. This could make a huge difference if these apps directly relate to what you need the iPad to do for you.

Not to mention the fact that the iPad next generation model has a front facing camera for FaceTime, and a backward camera to shoot movies and take photographs. This is something that many users wanted of the original iPad, and could make the upgrade more than worthwhile for many.