July 14, 2024
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Tech Gadgets of 2010
Tech Gadgets of 2010

Tech Gadgets of 2010 were really a mixed bag with connectivity being the important thread weaved within them all.

This last year was marked by a number of different technological breakthroughs. In the first half of this article we will mention our top 5 picks; then we will finish with the 5 honorable mentions. These gadgets are “must haves” for anyone who knows a geek, is a geek, or is a geek “wanna be” and is trying to improve their geek status.

Also, if this past Christmas was your first for navigating the latest technological gadget waters, you may have been surprised at the price tags. Here is our advice: read this article to get familiar with all the interesting and fun items Microsoft, Apple and so many others have to offer; know that next year all of these products will be updated, modified or discontinued; and most importantly, start saving those pennies!

Tech Gadgets of 2010

As we have said about it in the past, we would become sinners to have this apple! This is one of the best computers on the market today, in our opinion. And we are not saying that because Apple sent us some to thank us for the publicity (which they have not), nor because we expect them to (which we don’t). We will certainly accept some if they happen to show up on our desks however! (Ok, I think that none too subtle hint is out there.) Sleek and smooth looking, with excellent performance, iMac came in at the top of our list. On the other hand, its price is tops too, therefore, definitely one of the most expensive potential gifts on this list. A gift we would love to have…but, back to reality now…

HP TouchSmart
Even though we did an article comparing this computer with the iMac, we feel they both deserve to be on our list. One of HP’s best inventions is definitely its TouchSmart desktop, without any “desk”, just a “top”. AS with the iMac, HP placed all the hardware behind the computer’s screen and made a computer that functions just perfectly. Price? Around the same as the iMac, so it really just comes down to personal preference. Kind of like the Chevy folks versus the Ford folks. It’s up to you!

MacBook Air
Or MBA for friends, this is Apple’s tiniest laptop. With only 12.8 x 8.94 x 0.76 inches big, and its weight of only 3 pounds, some say they forget they are carrying it around. The battery life is estimated to be 5 hours. Certainly, it is not something you could or would want to use for big projects with dozens of Excel sheets, but it can be a great tool for some. Just be sure you really know your techie’s computing needs before purchasing this little gem.

Consumers are generally divided on this gadget. True book lovers always say that there is nothing as exciting as hearing pages turning one after another and the sensory experience of handling the pages while reading. Some of them even say that books from libraries are the best books they could lay their hands on, and some of our staff agrees there is nothing like reading a well worn book that others have also enjoyed. However, the problem with carrying around an actual book is one they can be bulky, and two they contain one story – once you are finished with the book, that is it. E-readers give you more flexibility- even if they do not give the warm, cozy feeling an actual book does.

One of the gadgets that you probably have heard the most about: the iPad. Seems like almost everybody’s got one or knows someone who does. This little toy, with all of its pros and cons is still holding a high position on many techies’ wish lists. We have never had a doubt about the IPad’s quality and usability; after all, techies know best. Just ask ours!

Connected’ TV
What is “connected” TV? Almost every, if not every electronic item we have is or can be connected to the Internet. It is nothing new, but in recent years it has become a more mainstream concept.

3-D TV
One of the most interesting items that came onto the market this year was 3D TVs. Even though a bit pricy, they seemed interesting enough to win the firm 1stplace on our techies’ wish lists. One obvious advantage of having a 3D TV is that you can enjoy watching movies in an interactive way. Do not forget the 3D glasses, which will cost you some $100 per pair, but which you still need to dive into the 3D world.

As we wrote some weeks ago, Blu-ray is the future of movie watching. Despite some minor disadvantages, you might want to have this device that turns movie watching into a new and exciting experience. Now, among other things, Blu-ray offers you extra high resolution, to ensure none of the interesting movie details escape your eye. This device presents you movies just the way the directors want you to see them!

Are you one of these people that carry around their mobile and their PDA? We found lots of people carry around two devices. However, there is no need for it anymore. The creators of Smartphones are ready to help us out. As you can see in the picture above the top smartphone last year of course was the iPhone.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinetic
Think you have seen it all? We doubt it. One of the hottest gaming kits ever is just some $$$ away from you! And imagine how much any little future techies you have running around would enjoy this “toy”. It can provide you some free time, while the kids play; and since this is more advanced than the classical gaming kits, because it requires players to move, jump and duck, consider it to be a playground for kids (and adults!). If you are into video games, you might want to consider visiting sites like https://scufgaming.com/xbox to learn more about the latest news and updates on your favorite gaming accessories.

We hope this article gave you some insight into the magical world of technology and hot gadgets that can bring an ear-to-ear smile on the face of your techie. We wish you a wonderful New year!

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