July 14, 2024
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I am not sure how much I have mentioned this in the past but I have a real problem with any product with the name Norton or Symantec in the name. There use to be a time long ago when Norton was looked at as a name that housed great desktop computer utilities but that time has long since past when Peter Norton sold out his line of products to Symantec and Symantec in turn thought that they should create products that took over Windows.

I am a big fan of utilities that integrate over top of the Windows operating system and there is a large market that Microsoft has left alone to either create theri own products or have third parties create products. The line of protection that Symantec makes is not at all integrated over top of Windows instead it is ingrained and conflicts or overwrites Windows settings and that means that when you uninstall the products quite often the computer is in worse shape than the crippled machine you had before the uninstall.

A few months ago I spent and evening uninstalling Norton Antivirus, Norton Anti Spam, Norton Antispyware and Norton Internet protection and it was touch and go as to whether I would have to reinstall Windows XP to complete the process, thankfully everything worked out and once I installed AVG Antivirus the machine was much faster then it was before I showed up (always a good thing when helping relatives).

Today I got a call from a family friend who had changed the supervisor password to Norton Internet Protection and then lost access to the product. There is not very good information at the Symantec site but eventually she found a very good uninstall program that I believe is much safer than trying to remove Norton or Symantec products using the add and remove programs part of the Windows XP control panel..

Do you want to uninstall the Norton products on a new computer? Here is the Norton uninstall Utility.