July 14, 2024
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You may be asking why is the Macbook the perfect laptop. The Macbook is the standard laptop offering from Apple. With a distinctive design and impressive tech specs, it’s fast becoming one of the most popular laptops for students, professionals and casual users alike. A deeper look into its features shows exactly why this is such a bestselling gadget.

Why is the Macbook the Perfect Laptop?

Some of the main features of the design include:

  • 13.3 inch glossy LED-backlit widescreen,
  • NVIDIA GeForce graphics card that will play most of the newest games flawlessly,
  • Intel Core 2 Duo processor,
  • 250GB – 500GB hard drive size,
  • Built in iSight camera,
  • Mac OS X operating system.

Design: You can’t fail to notice a Macbook with its distinctive white unibody design. The design means that everything is neatly hidden away, apart from a few ports on the side, and the camera at the top of the screen. Even the keyboard and trackpad are neatly blended in white.

why is the Macbook the perfect laptop
why is the Macbook the perfect laptop

Trackpad: The Macbook trackpad is revolutionary, making use of a number of gestures and movements to control your Macbook in various ways. Scrolling and zooming are super-easy with this trackpad, and more advanced users will find that it makes things a lot quicker than using the trackpad on a standard laptop.

Power Cord: The magnetic power cord means you’ll never have to worry about tripping over your cable and wrecking your expensive laptop. Any time you accidentally get the cord caught or trip up, it’ll simple come away from the Macbook instead of pulling your Macbook with it! This feature has saved many people a lot of expensive accidents.

Battery: The Macbook battery is something that sets it apart from other laptops. It can last for 7-10 hours on a single charge, and can be recharged up to 1000 times in its lifetime.

Software: There are several items of software included as standard with every Macbook. This includes iPhoto for sorting all of your digital photos, iMovie for sorting and editing your home movies, and Garageband for creating music.

Connectivity: The Macbook comes with inbuilt wireless and bluetooth connectivity. It also features two USB 2.0 ports, a mini display port, ethernet port, headphone jack, microphone, CD/DVD drive and Kensington lock slot.

Environment: Apple have information available on all of the materials they use to make their computers. The Macbook is made using recyclable materials, with fewer toxic chemicals than standard PCs. The Macbook also makes use of energy efficient components to reduce the energy needed to run your new laptop.

Pros Of The Macbook Compared To Windows Laptops

Macs are a lot safer against viruses, simply due to the fact that most viruses are made for PCs and can’t be transferred to Macs. And, for the small number of threats that do exist for Mac users, there is also inbuilt protection on your Macbook.

The design of the Macbook is truthfully both a pro and a con when compared to more traditional Windows laptops. Nobody can fail to notice your white Macbook, with the Apple logo lit up at the back. It’s striking, stylish and, nowadays, trendy too! Everything just seems to come together in the way Apple designs their products, and you can’t deny they’re great to look at.

On the other hand, however, the white design gets dirty pretty easily. You’ll need to dust it off regularly, and do your best to prevent scratches. Unfortunately, it’s near impossible not to scratch your Macbook, so it’s definitely a good idea to take advantage of a protective skin.

Lastly, one major pro to consider is the fact that Macs can now run both Windows and Mac software! Macbooks and other Mac computers now come with Boot Camp – a program that easily lets you configure Windows on your Mac (you’ll need to buy the Windows operating system separately).

Cons Of The Macbook Compared To Windows Laptops

If you’ve been using Windows laptops for a while then you’ll notice quite a few features are missing from the keyboard on the Macbook. Noticeably, there’s no “delete” key in order to save space. There’s only a backspace key. In order to get the “delete” function, you must press Fn+Backspace together.

Famously, Macbooks also lack any right click button on the trackpad. Small details like this can take some getting used to. However, most Mac users eventually come to love the trackpad – it’s actually a lot more functional than traditional laptops once you learn some of the most useful gestures.

I hope that you now have the answers why is the Macbook the perfect laptop.