July 14, 2024
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10 Ways to keep Spyware off your computer. Spyware is dangerous in the way that it adds up on your computer, stealing info and sending it away while really degrading the performance of your computer.

1. Keep your browsers security settings at High.– this can be found by going to tools to internet options to security

2. Use an anti virus program at all times. – For a freebie try AVG at www.grisoft.com

3. Use a different credit card for online shopping.– I have found this invaluable as I have a low limit on my “internet” credit card, also remember that you are guaranteed in many cases by your credit cards theft protection against any loss.

4. Install and keep active a firewall or use a router. – many people have a wireless router and if you do have a wireless router be sure to set WEP or WPA security on it.

5. Make sure your system is up-to-date with all patches and updates. – Go to start to all programs to Windows Update to make sure that everything is up to date

6. Check the addons that you use with Google to be sure they are not spyware.- There is always a feat that when you install free software that it may include spyware. This started back with the Bonzi Buddy and has not stopped since. You may need a pro or a piece of third party software to do this.

7. Never click yes when your browser asks you if you want to install or open some content coming from an organization you don’t know or don’t trust. – Often this is how you get a piece of spyware on your computer, when you go to a page and it wants to install something that is not Flash or something else you do not recognize say no, all that will happen is you may lose some functionality on the site.

8. Install an anti-spy ware program to enlarge the protection. -I know that there are a few free programs out there but for the casual home user they are not the most “set it and forget it” type software. I always believe the paid programs offer a bit more protection than anything free because of built in automation and tech support.

9. Never install a browser help or search bar unless it comes from a reliable source.- I personally use the Google toolbar and see no reason to add anything else.

10. Don’t click on email attachments that are executable files even if they look as if sent from known persons. – The best way to transmit a virus is for a virus writer to get someones computer to send the virus to all of their friends, no one knows they are sending it and the recievers often trust the attachments.

These are the most obvious tips. I know that every day I see lots of compromised machines and if you are looking for a better way to remove spyware you should run an antispyware program from safe mode in Windows so that the bad stuff has not had a chance to launch and protect itself yet.