How to Delete Simple Spyware

Spywares and adware are not only annoying but more often than not tend to damage your computer software and sometimes can even cause some damage to your hardware too. These annoying bugs have become a bane for internet browsers worldwide. They have become a normal occurrence that we sometimes … [Read more...]

Protecting Your Email Address

Unsolicited email, most commonly referred to as "spam" can be one of the most daunting problems to deal with in computer networks. It is the modern equivalent to receiving paper junk mail at your home or business. You didn't ask for it, or want it, but once it starts it doesn't stop! At home, … [Read more...]

Getting Rid of Think Point Virus

Think Point is a bogus anti-virus program which is basically designed to pilfer the money of the computer user, and it is also very much capable of stealing your personal data. It is a dangerous program which gets entered in the system through several pop ups alerts, downloads or any other … [Read more...]

Automatic Microsoft IE7 push to all users

Microsoft has been working on Internet Explorer 7 for quite a while now and has also released a few test versions to let people try out. after a few problems it looks like Microsoft is getting ready to move everyone to Internet Explorer 7 using the Automatic Updates that you usually recieve patches … [Read more...]

How to Secure your Wireless Network

Thanks to Alan Tay for this good article on wireless security. Alan is a Software Engineer who specialized in IT security and programming. He is also the author of IT security column. Wireless networks are becoming popular today and there are people, especially home users, who are switching from … [Read more...]

10 easy ways to keeps spyware off your PC

10 Ways to keep Spyware off your computer. Spyware is dangerous in the way that it adds up on your computer, stealing info and sending it away while really degrading the performance of your computer. 1. Keep your browsers security settings at High.- this can be found by going to tools to internet … [Read more...]

Facts to avoid spyware

Spyware is software installed on your computer without your consent to monitor or control your computer use. Clues that spyware is on a computer include a barrage of pop-up ads, a browser that takes you to sites you don't want, unexpected toolbars or icons on your computer screen, keys that don't … [Read more...]

Fighting Spam

How prevalent is Spam? According to Scott McAdams, OMA Public Affairs and Communications Department ( Studies show unsolicited or junk e-mail, known as spam, accounts for roughly half of all e-mail messages received. Although once regarded as little more than a nuisance, the … [Read more...]

Stopping the bad guys in your computer

In some cases, spies and covert operations are found in war grounds or politically tense regions. Now however, you can find spies and covert operations running undetected within your personal computer system as you use your computer and the Internet. Have you noticed a suspicious slow down of your … [Read more...]

Getting free Adware and Spyware cleaners

With adware and spyware programs becoming a perennial threat in the online world, it would be wise to have your PC always protected. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of spyware and adware programs lurking somewhere on the Internet, looking for a chance to get into your PC. Some of them may … [Read more...]