May 17, 2024
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Spyware Doctor
Spyware Doctor by PC Tools is a good product for detecting spyware and adware. The program is intuitively designed, but could use more features to increase its convenience and usefulness. Even so, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more easy to use program that’s so affordable.

Spyware Doctor is an advanced adware and spyware removal utility that detects and cleans thousands of potential spyware, ad ware, trojans, keyloggers, spy ware cookies, trackware, spybots and other malware from your PC. Protect your privacy and computing habits from prying eyes.

The program implements advanced real-time protection OnGuard based on special monitors independent from each other. Each of them has its own objective. For instance, Startup Guard prevents parasites from running on system startup. Browser Guard removes browser hijackers, Keylogger Guard terminates keyloggers, Process Guard stops malicious programs from running and installing themselves to the system, Network Guard protects critical network settings, and Exploit Guard defends software from latest exploits. Other real-time monitors are Immunizer, Popup Blocker, Site Guard.

Spyware Doctor Product Specs

Spyware Doctor is an entire Suite of products with or without AntiVirus service. You can see the home screen below:


Spyware Doctor Reviews

I really love this product. Security is not something I want to go cheap on. I would rather use a paid product because at least I then know that the company has money to use for malware and virus research. Much rather spend $30 a year than have my computer infected with whatever the latest threat is that AVG, Adaware or Avira doesn’t pick up.
-Cnet Reviews

Spyware Doctor detected a whopping 93% of the test spyware we installed and successfully disabled 86% of it. This was consistent with the results we recorded in March, and was especially impressive considering all of the recent spyware additions we’ve made to our test. Spyware Doctor successfully removed notorious threats like CoolWebSearch, SpyAxe, and Spy Falcon. These results put it firmly in first place (with Max Spyware Detector coming in a distant second).
-AdWare Report

Spyware Doctor Price

First things first. Click through a link on this page and you will download a copy of Spyware Doctor that will just scan your computer. If Spyware Doctor find a lot of problems on your computer then you should go ahead and buy. The application costs $29.95 which is amazingly cheap for the job that Spyware Doctor does.