July 19, 2024
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I first heard about and used Acronis True Image a couple of years ago. I used the desktop imaging software as an option to Norton Ghost and PQDI I had used PQDI Image Center in the past and was pretty happy with it so at the time I did not really care much about Acronis although it seemed to work well.

No I see that Acronis has released version 9 if True Image and the software is a great piece of software that is full of features. I especially like the idea of doing differential backups os that you do not need to do a full backup every time you want to back up a desktop PC. another great feature is the ability to replace the Windows XP System Restore by using the Acronis built in system restore features. Here is what Acronis says about their software:

Acronis True Image 9.0 Home provides you with two backup options in one software:

1) Our original disk imaging backup option which enables you to create an image of your entire hard disk drive, including the operating system, applications, user settings, and all data. Use the image to restore your PC to a known working state without any reinstallation.

2) A new file-based backup option which enables you to backup and restore individual files and folders, like your My Documents folder or a specific file, like your latest tax return. A software wizard walks you through all of the steps.

And then Some!

Acronis True Image 9.0 Home makes restoring your system even faster with the exclusive new Acronis Snap Restore feature. It also provides several additional enhancements.