WordPress 2.6 is Released

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Well I am finally ready to go the next step with WordPress. I have just seen the new release of WordPress, version 2.6 has been released and I am holding my breath as I upgrade my biggest blog from version 2.3.3 up to 2.6.

I am looking at this as the second step, maybe the 2.0 version of WordPress 2.5. I put 2.5 on a couple of my blogs including this one but did not like the look of the interface as much as I liked WordPress 2.3 so I waited. I am now very happy with the release candidate of WordPress 2.6 that I have been using throughout the day on one of my blogs so i am confident in my being an early adopter of the software.

Before I have done the upgrade though I did a full backup. I grabbed a WordPress backup plugin and did a backup of the files to the server and also did a backup of my local files to my desktop.

Better safe than sorry I guess.



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