March 21, 2023
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kindle ebook readerSo now that Amazon has released the Kindle e-book reader you have to wonder if other manufacturers are going to start either screaming, becuase Amazon kind of owns the book market, or furiously pushing out new ebook readers. Right now the only other ebook reader of note is the Sony ebook reader and it has almost no market penetration.

Amazon is really one of the kings of hype and that seems to spill out everywhere. Business Week magazine is calling the Kindle the ebook version of an Ipod and although it looks nothing like an Ipod the white color of this thing has to make you think about Ipods (no plans for an apple reader yet though).

The Kindle offers really great resolution, EVDO, holds a hundred or so books out of the 88,000 book library that Amazon offers and is great for reading Word Documents, newspapers, and even blogs. The Kindle is $399 and is likely to sell a ton of copies this Christmas season.

The wireless connectivity with the Kindle is handled completely  by Amazon so unlike Apple products there is no wireless charges for using the Kindle to hook up to Amazon to buy books.

Click through this link and you can even see a six minute long video of the Kindle in action including a bit of a commercial from Amazon