March 4, 2024
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Not many tips before Office 2003 is done as Office 2007 will be out in just a couple of weeks but I ran across this yesterday.

When you want to save the names and email addresses that autofill as you type in Outlook as you delete a profile or move someone to a new computer and are not using the files and setting transfer wizard then there is one file that you need to save.

Go to the C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook folder and copy out all of the files. The file that autofills names and emails that you have used previously is the file that ends with .NK2 Now that you have this file saved you can just drop it into the new folder after created by the installation of outlook on the new machine or computer build.

The NK2 file is an encrypted, or at least not very readable file that can only be read correctly in Outlook but this is a great timesaver for many and I know people hate it when they have lost the autofill for their Outlook email addresses