March 4, 2024
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I was working on my moms PC on the weekend and one of the problems that i have always had is that there is no easy way to have a light computer user to tell you their IP. Why would I want my moms IP address? Well everytime that the “internet is down” or there is a problem with the sorting in outlook i used to have to VNC into her machine or now just use remote desktop (RDP) to get in.

This may be easy for anyone used to the internals of Windows but when you have to get someone to start-> run -> cmd -> ipconfig sometimes you just wish for an easier experiencse for them let alone you.

I know that I could go to dyndns to set my parents computer up and then have a DNS address. I can cover this somewhere else but really it is more trouble to setup and maintain just to get a TCP/IP address.

I was poking around my computer and remembered a utility that i had forgotten. Back in Windows NT4 there was a GUI Ip tool that just shows you the IP address fo your PC. Simply drop this on your desktop, double click and you are there.

The tool is called WNTIPCFG.EXE and you just have to click on the link and save to your PC desktop. The file is only 88 kilobytes which is really small and does not even need to be installed.

Now, I just have to point my mom to this blog, have her right click the link, save to desktop…..