April 22, 2024
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How to Fix My Internet Problems
How to Fix My Internet Problems

I get the question all the time How to Fix My Internet Problems? You need to make sure that you are careful with your computer and do maintenance to make sure your computer is maintained well. I will try to show you a few answers about How to Fix My Internet Problems?

Are you experiencing problems with;

  1. Freezing/crashing
  2. Programs stop responding
  3. Need to update your old “Internet Browser”

Then your first logical step would be to scan for viruses or malwares, if you find none the next step would be to download a programme call Doldomains.inf, which is ‘free’, and then install it on your computers and desktop. Your Internet connection speed can be affected by add-on programs, the amount of memory the computer has, hard disk space and condition, and the programs that are running. We can perform repairs on the motherboard and the chip level in our state-of-the-art repair facility. Our experts in Delray Beach can quickly diagnose the problem and propose a solution to repair your PC. We also have spare parts that are in stock to provide faster repair times.Get the best solution for your PC repair at PCRevive site.

How to Fix My Internet Problems?

There is a significant chance; in fact, I would say a 98% chance that the reason your internet explorer has become so slow is because of what is called your windows registry. This ‘Registry’ contains all the settings and data for the various operations Windows performs. Over time, you will have added files and software, removed files and software, downloaded music, and tweaked various settings on your computer.

During this time your Internet Explorer will get farther away from those optimal factory settings, it was set-to the day you acquired it. To determine if your system is in fact running slow because of problems in your registry, you will need to run a self diagnostic program, there are many to be found on the Internet.

They are usually easy to use and will perform a free deep scan on your computer system and will report back on any issues or problems it finds for you at no charge…in this way you will discover if your computer as any registry problems.

But if this measure doesn’t help manually downloading a program that will help discover if the problem lies in the presence of what is called IE (Internet Explorer )restricted sites and enhanced security configuration zones, which are generally created automatically by spyware removal software.

If you load up IE8 with a large number of sites in the restricted zone, they will in turn slowdown IE8 to a crawl on start-up and when opening new tabs. How to fix your ‘Internet Problem’, there’s only one solution…remove them.

How to Fix My Internet Problems – Make sure that you are closing everything after the fixes that you do.

If after downloading a programthat will help fix any problems with restricted sites, then remember to close all your computer, Internet activities, because they have the potential to interfere with any scans etc taking place. Note: Programs like these will help remove ALL entries in the Trusted, Restricted, and Enhanced Security Configuration Zones.

Any entries that you had will need to be entered again. You will have to reimmunize with SpywareBlaster, and/or Spybot after doing this, and reinstall IESpyads if you use any of these programs. If you have an old Website browser and would like to update your system for free, them go to Microsoft Support.

If you do not know what version you are running then go to your Internet browser and click on the help button, then click on the ‘About Internet Explorer’ link, which will open a new window displaying details of the version you are using.


‘Back-up’ your computer

Burn to a CD or DVD…you can use paid for backup programs like: Norton’s Ghost or Nero Back It Up or Norton’s Back-up, for example. You can use an open backup program such as: FreeByte, Back4win, and many others…many are free to use…or a USB removable memory stick.

Create a ‘Restore point’

If you accidentally damage your computer when installing new software etc, you can use the ‘restore point’ to bring you back to the last known, good boot, for your system.

  1. ‘Carry out a Windows Up-date’
  2. Update Your Security Programs
  3. Fix Errors and Increase Performance
  4. Defrag your hard drive

I hope this article helps you fix any problems you may have with your computer, but even if you don’t require this info now, please keep this information safe, you may need it some day.

You may want to visit http://www.mvps.org/winhelp2002/restricted.htm You will find a program called DelDomains.inf I have used this program myself, its a ‘free’ app.

Please visit my Website http://richrewards4u.com You will find other tips on computer repair and ‘Business start-ups’.

So now that you know How to Fix My Internet Problems make sure that you do these things to make sure that you are well protected.