May 17, 2024
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We all get mad waiting for apps to open or for menus to come up in Windows and want to speed up your computer. You don’t have to suffer with slowness in fact I can tell you how to speed up your computer.

First of all to speed up your computer you  need to make sure that there is no extra files loaded and that everything is going well on startup, then you need to clean out any spyware or adware. Finally you need to clean the registry. If all else fails you may need to get more memory or a faster computer but that really is the last resort…I am certainly cheap so I do not like to spend money speeding up a slow computer.

5 ways on how to speed up your computer

1. Run MSCONFIG – msconfig is a utility that has been around since Windows 95 at least and is still available in Windows 7. To run msconfig you just need to open a command prompt (start and then find run) and then it will open up a windows with a few tabs depending on the version of Windows that you are running. Just go over to the startup tab. According to you are going to see things in there like windows messenger, adobe acrobat startup, Google update, java update and quicktime as well as anything else that looks like it is not important to the running of your computer.

speed up your computer

Any of these app that you do not use very often are safe to not start on startup. After you have applied the changes you will be asked to restart. Restart and a box will come up telling you that the startup has been changed. tick the box that says “do not show this message again” and you should be good. This is the first best thing to do in how to speed up your computer and it works perfectly for many tools  such as the Business Text Messaging, necessary for your business.

2. Run Super Antispyware – The next thing in how to to speed up your computer is get rid of Spyware and adware. Be very careful because there are a lot of products that will do a free scan and then charge you to actually get rid of the spyware. Recently I started using a product called Super Antispyware. Lots of my fellow tech guys have started using this and it seems to work really well and will even watch for new spyware after it has eliminated what you already have. Install and run the application and it may take an hour to get rid of everything b ut this is a easy way to get rid of lots of the slowness and really perk up your computer.

3. Run CCleanerCCleaner is another completely free app. The name stands for crap cleaner and that is exactly what it does. Just install the program and have it analyze your computer. This first top opeion to the left is for cleaning unnecessary files. After is has analyzed then hit the Run Cleaner button and you will have a clean computer.


The next step is to run the Registry Cleaner in the CCleaner app. I love this as it will scan all of your registry and then before applying the fixes you can save the changes. Remember also that if your computer goes really bad you can go to the System Restore, take the latest date and it will be good. This is a good reason to always make sure that you have the system restore service setup and running (it is by default in Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

4. Windows Defrag – One of the last things that you can do is run a defrag on your hard drive. Over time the files on a hard drive get moved around on the drive and as Windows tries to pick them up it has to spin the hard drive around and pull all the pieces of the file to put into the ram, this can take some time and if you defragment your drive it will definitely speed thing up. To get to the defrag just go to your My Computer and right click on the drive and select properties and the Tools tab will have the “Defragment Now”.

5. Hardware Upgrade – The last possible option on how to speed up your computer is to get new hardware. If you have an older computer you can easily upgrade your Ram, or Video card to get more storage. If the computer is really old you may have no other option than to buy a new computer although I find that now they are much cheaper to buy than even a year or two ago, another option is to use cloud services, they will deliver computing services—servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, intelligence and more, all of it over the internet,  which means your computer will have the ability to speed up even more.

So in looking at How to speed up your computer you can see that there were a few options. I think running through the first four are the very best and easiest and will have a big impact speed up your computer and only look at hardware as a final option.