July 14, 2024
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Here are a few keyboard shortcusts for Windows. anytime that you do not have to take your hand off the keyboard to use the mouse you are going to be saving time.

Alt+Tab: Toggle between active applications
Ctrl+C: Copy (Alt+PrntScrn to copy the active window to the clipboard)
Ctrl+X: Cut
Ctrl+V: Paste
Ctrl+Z: Undo
Ctrl+S: Save
Ctrl+F4: Close a window (document).
Alt+F4: Close an application

Ctrl+B: Bold
Ctrl+U: Underline
Ctrl+I: Italics
Ctrl+L: Left Align
Ctrl+R: Right Align
Ctrl+E: Center

Ctrl+Right Arrow: Move right one word
Ctrl+ Left Arrow: Move left one word
Ctrl+Down Arrow: Down one paragraph
Ctrl+Up Arrow: Up one paragraph
Home: Beginning of a line
End: End of a line
Ctrl+Home: Beginning of a document
Ctrl+End: End of a document

Highlighting (Blocking) Text: Add the shift key, and the combinations above become tools to highlight text for deletion, replacement, font attributes, and so on.

Ctrl+A: Select all
Shift+Ctrl+Right Arrow: Block right one word
Shift+Ctrl+ Left Arrow: Block left one word
Shift+Ctrl+Down Arrow: Block down one paragraph
Shift+Ctrl+Up Arrow: Block up one paragraph
Shift+Home: Block from the cursor to the first of the line
Shift+End: Block from the cursor to the end of the line
Shift+Ctrl+Home: Block from the cursor to the top of the document
Shift+Ctrl+End: Block from the cursor to the end of the document

Tab from one field to the next on a screen. Shift+Tab will take you in reverse order.