July 19, 2024
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So Microsoft is nice and civil in saying that the deal is dead. There were talks this weekend between Steve Ballmer with Microsoft and Jerry Yang with Yahoo. There is apparently a difference of Microsoft willing to go to $33 per share and Yahoo only accepting $37 a share.

So they are close but not close enough. Steve Ballmer does not look like he will bother trying to steal Yahoo by buying up all the shares so I have to wonder what Microsoft is thinking.

Is Microsoft really just walking away? Are they looking at some other companies? Some people have said that Microsoft should go after Ask.com or AOL but they are not really in need of marketshare, what Microsoft really needs is online apps and the love of web users.

This next week should be interesting. If Steve Ballmer has some kind of deal in his back pocket I am sure we will see it soon. I feel bad for those stockholders of Yahoo, I would imagine the shares will plummet on Monday morning.

Stay tuned for all of the news. I know that I am watching Tech Crunch close as they broke this story before anyone.