Search gone in Windows 7

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I have been running Windows 7 for a while and then today on one computer I found that search is gone in Windows 7.

I had looked through my services and tried opening My Computer and in the address bar where Windows search was on the right side I could not see any sign of it.

Finally I just found a fix. I have no idea how I lost search in Windows 7 but if you go to:

  1. Control Panel
  2. To Programs and Features,
  3. click on the “Turn Windows Features on and off” in the left pane

You will find the settings for build in features in Windows 7, this is different than our desktop computer services it is more features of the Operating System that are either available or not.

Look near the top and you will find the Indexing Service and make sure you check it, go down to the bottom and you will find Windows Search (check that on too), and then hit the OK button.  After it chugs along for a minute it will have you reboot and search will be back.


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