Windows 25 Years Old Today

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Thanks Microsoft and Bill Gates. 25 years ago today Microsoft launched windows 1.0. Windows at that point, and actually through version 3.1 of Windows was just overlayed over DOS and was only an addon to the DOS operating system.

Today though there is no DOS and Windows, although it’s roots may have been with that Operating System are a long way advanced. There is no
DOS, there is no intermediary, the Operating System talks directly to the hardware.

Although I never used Windows 1.0, I have used a lot of different Windows operating systems. Here is my history list

  • Windows 3.1 – On my first PC with 4 megs ram
  • Windows 3.11 for Workgroups – with 32 bin file management
  • Windows 95 – I stood in line for this one – did an upgrade to 8 and then 12 megs of ram for this
  • Windows 98
  • Windows 98 Second Edition – This was really popular and I used it most until Window XP used this with 32 megs of ram and it was really good
  • Windows Millenium – Barely used it
  • Windows 2000 – This was supposed to be a corporate offshoot of Windows 2000 server but it was an awesome step before Wi9ndows XP
  • Windows XP – Still use this at work started with 64 megs Ram and was terrible and have 1 gig of ram now.
  • Windows Vista – Almost as hated as Windows Millenium but was ok for the limited amount I used it
  • Windows 7 – I use this all over home and love it. Fast and powerful and with 4 gigs of ram it really hums

What is your history? I feel like a veteran of Windows but really lots of people have used a lot more versions than me.


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