March 4, 2024
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windows7Get ready for the fanfare. Today is the launch date for Windows 7. after all of the hype and all of the disappointment of Windows Vista I ma sure the great marketing machine of Microsoft is eagerly awaiting this morning and a chance to tour a great new Operating System.

Even though Vista is not the most installed Operating System in the world, that would still be Windows XP, today everyone will still be comparing Windows Vista with Windows 7.

As many people know I am still running Windows XP and although I really want to test out Windows 7 the problem that I have is that none of my four computers are good enough for the minimum specs for Windows 7.

Windows 7 wants at least 2 gigs of ram and more realistically six or eight gigs to run well while I seem to be limping along on 500 megs and 1 gig on all of my home machines and my work laptop. And I have to admit that they seem to run great on Windows XP anyway.

So we will see today. Is this the future or will we look back still at Windows XP being the last great OS from Microsoft. I remember the release day for Windows 95 and lineups at midnight to the new OS and back then I had it installed by 3 am and was really excited to test out all the new features that a 32 bit OS offered, that is not happening today becuase most people are still stuck in the past (like me) without the hardware to run Windows 7. Microsoft will have to hope that new laptop and computer sales increase to get a big install base this time around, something that failed during the Windows Vista launch.