June 19, 2024
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Well today is the day. Finally we will have a new operating system from Redmond to play with. I have still not installed Vista but am really excited to be doing that sometime this week on one of the home machines.

The hype of Vista really caught me on the weekend. i noticed that just about every flyer from an electronics store was spouting the excitment that is Windows Vista (as well as Office 2007) and although I did not stand in line for my first copy last night I am this morning reliving the first lineup that I did and that was for Windows 95.

when I did lineup for windows 95 back over 10 years ago I was there at 11:30 and as soon as the doors of the store opened I bought my copy of Windows 95 and spent the next 2 hours installing the newest Windows on a 486 sx33 Epson computer with 8 megs of ram. Far cry from now when I will be using a AMD 3500+ with a gig of ram to install Windows Vista.

I guess after this next couple of weeks of OS excitement we will start talking about hte Windows Vista Service Pack 1 release. Probably a few months away though still.