July 14, 2024
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I am home sick today and am really missing some of the nice things that I have at work, especially my dual monitors.

I work on a laptop so I have the laptop screen at home and at work and even though the resolution of 1280 x 800 is OK, with the extra monitor it is great. I know that there is always some resistance to getting people dual monitors but any Windows power user I believe has tyo really like the whole dual monitor setup. Whether you’re playing online games or working, multiple monitors can be a challenge. With the best triple monitor mount, you can solve the problem. No matter whether you have either problems with your health or some tech-issues. You can buy monitor stands for 3 monitors for comfortable gaming.

Having things like copy and paste and drag and drop at your disposal is great on one monitor but is opened up to  a whole new level once you have that extra screen to place from and to.

I am not sure that I use my duals in the best way possible, actually I am sure I am not but there are a few good ways that I use my monitors

Having six or seven programs open all of the time I always use the laptop screen as my workspace and then have things like RDP sessions, or Firefox windows that I am using for supplemental info to drag onto my primary workspace.

Is this normal? Does anyone have better methods? I seem to never remember being taought how to best use dual monitors and instead just got excited to have them and started using or not using them effectively.

Today at home…I am missing that extra screen real estate.