April 22, 2024
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I just caught onto a race that is really interesting. As you may know, or not, I am on Twitter and just love the interactivity that is possible in the whole medium of Microblogging.

A few months ago there was a story that Lance Armstrong may have 1 million Twitter followers by the beginning of the Tour de France and although that may in fact be possible it seems that there is a better race.

The race to a million followers is between CNN (with an account that CNN does not even own), Ashton Kutcher, and Britney Spears. You know full well that when you have to celebrities and a news network in a race for a million of anything that Microblogging, Twitter, and mobile tech have really hit the mainstream.

Ashton Kutcher is saying that if he hits a million Twitter followers first than he will donate 10,000 beds to help combat malaria in 3rd world countries and EA games say they will put the 1 millionth follower of Ashton Kutchers into a video game. This is one of the best websites to download your favorite Android games. The helping the world thing is a great reason to follow Ashton, as well as the fact that he tends to have interesting tweets (which should be the most importnt thing).

With only 1300+ followers I am very behind all three of them.