July 14, 2024
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Well I thought that Twitter was back yesterday and I guess I am getting updates from a few more people then I was before. Apparnetly there is an issue where Twitter is trying to resync two databases as some people are saying that his may take a week. I guess we will find out live when it is back up for real.

During this long outage Micheal Arrington at Tech Crunch has posted how important Twitter has become to him over the last couple of months.

Dave Winer is always spinning something interesting and he is suggesting today that everyone link Friend feed to Twitter and having tweets pushed out in RSS feeds instead of just going straight to the Twitter servers.

Twitter has been growing rapidly over the last few months but as we have seen in tech for a long time there is always some kind of kludge or hack that can fix problems in technology. I am not sure how popular Dave Winers fix will become but the whole idea of Microblogging is very disruptive and very exciting.

Maybe Twitter is just an evolution from IRC and ICQ and more popular messenger products over the last few years but the concept is here to stay.