July 14, 2024
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I have finally got Google Buzz, after wondering yesterday when it was going to come. For those that are not really aware Google Buzz is apparently Google trying to steal the Twitter market although I am not sure if that is really right.

To get Google Buzz you just need to log into your GMail account and you will see it right under your email inbox. The idea is that anyone that you add to your Buzz group, or whatever it becomes an auto inbox for conversations. When someone adds you to their buzz they will see anything that you add as a buzz.

So how will this really affect us. If this Google Buzz does take off in simple ways it will become like conference calling although it will be very public to anyone on your list. I am kind of likening it to a twitter with inline messaging.

The bad thing is that if you add the wrong people you will start to get a lot of Spam I would expect. I am really looking forward to the whole Buzz vs Google Wave conversations though as it looks like Google Wave has fallen off the map after the initial hype.

I am sure we have a lot to learn about Buzz though, like friendfeed it allows you to add many Google services as well as RSS feed like stuff and even liked posts from Google Reader so quite quickly we will all get buried in content from the people that we buzz with on a regular basis.

One thing that many people do not like, including Kevin Rose from Digg, is the lack of non-integration with your Gmail inbox. There has got to be a decoupling as many people use GMail as a bit of a spam filter and we will now have frinds spamming stuff to us without realizing it