July 14, 2024
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I just installed an Apache Tomcat server. Very exciting to me.

I have installed Apache the Web Server a few times at home just to serve sites and to have a functioning web server but had never done anything with Apache Tomcat.

So why do we need Apache Tomcat? Well one of my roles is the support of a Tier 1 app here at the anonymous place that I work. This application has interfaces that point to other systems that we either puch data to or more commonly consume data from. Our interfaces were all built using a third party EAI system with Oracle stored procedures to access these interfaces. The vendor has now changed the format that they want to use and we have a contractor in to rewrite the interfaces.

Now Apache Tomcat is going to be the application layer that speaks to the app as well as speaking to the interfaces. This should be a lot of fun as I try to get my head around how to admin an Application Server