July 14, 2024
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I am a blackberry user and have been eatching longingly as all of these iTouch and iPhone apps are becoming so popular these days and wishing that I had access to them.

So I thought I would post a rather simple article about the apps that I use running around with my Blackberry.

Twitter Mobile – of course being a Twitter user there are lots of apps but I am most interested in reading and writing tweets not actually going around DMing or replying from the Blackberry so I just have a bookmark to mobile.twitter.com which gives me the simplest possible interface which is fine when I am not near a computer.

Gmail – I use the gmail client which is a really nice way to view and reply to emails. I have a specialized account for gmail that I love to read messages on on the road. I have simply subscribved to email lsts that I would want to read in the car or bathroom.

Google Maps – Actually there is a whole suite of apps that Google offers for mobile and the mapping app is great for me to find my way when I am lost in the car. I have no GPS on the Blackberry but some people I know do and they actually like being able to “find” themselves when they are lost.

Outlook email – Of course the big one. I read and write emails constantly at home and on the road from the blackberry. This is the killer app for the Blackberry and it has come in handy for me for years now and I love it.

For anyone that does not have a Blackberry only becasue they are not sure if they really want to HAVE TO react to emails I have to tell you to try it out. email on the move is really great. If you have a cell phone anyway then why would the emial scare you? I think of email on the Blackberry as just one way that I can be tethered to society and I would not be happy without it.