How to replace a failing hard drive

In this age of ipads, tablets, and even chromebooks we don't seem to have as much trouble with failing hard drives. rouble is it does still happen on desktop computers and I ran into this yesterday. My son has a desktop computer with a fairly small 160 gig hard drive and over the last few weeks … [Read more...]

Unlocking Files that are In Use

As part of one of those day to day kind of things that I run into are users on our network that need to replace files that lots of people have access to. In our case these are PDF files and occasionally when a file needs to be replaced with a newer one the file will be open and in use. This means … [Read more...]

Dirty volume error in Windows 7

I plugged in a thumbdrive into my Windows 7 laptop yesterday and got an error I hadn't seen before. Error 0x80071AC3: The operation could not be completed because the volume is dirty. I tried copying and plugging and unplugging a few times and finally gave up and used another thumb drive. This … [Read more...]

Easy Ways to Get IT Training

As the world becomes increasingly computerized, the need for tech support grows with it. Because of this, IT training is now a major industry in itself and such education is easier to get than ever before. What is IT and IT Training? Information technology is what the communications network … [Read more...]

10 Reasons it does not help to be a computer guy

I laughed when I read this article as it is really true and I cringed as well because also it is very true10 Reasons It Doesn't Pay To Be The Computer Guy · LifeReboot.comI love being the computer guy but it is true that everyone thinks that you can fix everything which is not at all satisfying. I … [Read more...]

Daylight Savings Time Change

For anyone working within a large business we are all aware that Daylight Savings Time (DST) will be starting four weeks earlier this year, that is March 11. If you admin a smaller network or even just a bunch of workstations then this is a great opportunity to do some hosekeeping that you have put … [Read more...]

Where has Tweako been all my life

One of the reasons that I love Lifehacker is because you can look down a page of stories for the day and find a nugget of knowledge that you have always been looking for. Well I found another site like that but it has even more.Recent Content : All | tweakoTweako is a site that has tips from all … [Read more...]

Don’t mix your Antivirus

I got caught today trying to be a bit to cute on the company network. I am a big fan of AVG Antirvirus at home and on everyone I knows computer and I decided to do the same on my new Dell D620 work laptop. Everything has been working fine for a week but of course not thinking about the way that … [Read more...]

Using a recovery Partition for Windows

One of the problems often of using a recovery partition to replace your current install is to make it active. Here are some instructions. Remember, once you recover back to the recovery partition you will destroy all the data on the hard drive and this will be a problem if you have any data there … [Read more...]