May 17, 2024
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For anyone working within a large business we are all aware that Daylight Savings Time (DST) will be starting four weeks earlier this year, that is March 11. If you admin a smaller network or even just a bunch of workstations then this is a great opportunity to do some hosekeeping that you have put off.

Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista desktops have been patched so if you have not service packed your XP then this is the time to do that so that your Outlook at the very least (which will run off local PC time) is giving you and everyone else the right time for meetings. I always forget is it one hour early or late for meetings….Spring forward, fall back…I believe that you will be one hour early for every meeting as it would be unpatched.

For server based apps be sure that you are service packed and watch your databases, Oracle has a patch for your databases I know but really you should go through all of your apps one by one and see if there are update patches if there is date fields that may be affected.

Lastly, on Monday March 13th make sure that you get in to work a little early and look at times in apps and servers and workstations and just really be aware of any time issues that come up. This is a big deal for IT but it is not even on the radar for end users.