May 17, 2024
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I got caught today trying to be a bit to cute on the company network.

I am a big fan of AVG Antirvirus at home and on everyone I knows computer and I decided to do the same on my new Dell D620 work laptop. Everything has been working fine for a week but of course not thinking about the way that software gets pushed on the network I got nailed with a fatal update today.

There are many players in the windows market, Avast, Norton, Quickheal among many. So, there are many who provide many additional features such as child protect and what not.

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There’s also a tool included in Amiti Antivirus that can be used to quickly clean temporary system and Internet Explorer files to free up disk space.

If there was anything other than alphabetical, Adaware Antivirus Free probably wouldn’t head up the pack, mainly because email scanning isn’t supported. However, if you love Lavasoft’s other free products, Adaware Antivirus Free is a pretty solid choice.

After rebooting in safe mode I looked at the error logs and noticed that McAfee had successfully been installed, just prior to my issues. How I missed the thought that the network was going to push this is beyond me but anyway here is how I fixed it.

I did a system restore from a checkpoint created this morning by the system and when I rebooted I quickly uninstalled AVG. Now I feel a little like I am riding with no hands but I am sure that Network Associates on our network will do a drive by soon enough to reinstall my McAfee again.

So just a warning to anyone not interested in using a corporate image. Load up your machine and think about what is going to be pushed as part of the logon or over time. Spyware removers, antivirus, Outlook patches…just think before you have your machine crap out on you.