May 17, 2024
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I decided to upgrade my Firefox, work is s little slow and I thought a software headache was better than just walking into traffic on the highway. Firefox is my primary browser at work and I am using the latest patch of the 2.0 build.

I installed, allowed the Firefox 3 beta 4 to overwrite my old version and lo and behold I have a bunch of non working extensions.

I found the following fix to get security cut down on the beta of Firefox thanks to Lifehacker so that it could at least try my extensions:

    * Type about:config into Firefox’s address bar and click the “I’ll be careful, I promise!” button.
* Right-click anywhere. Choose New>Boolean. Make the name of your new config value extensions.checkCompatibility and set it to false.
* Make another new boolean pair called extensions.checkUpdateSecurity and set the value to false.
* Restart Firefox.

Well I am not any farther and most of my extensions still do not work.

The interface for the latest beta of firefox seems good, it remembers pages in the address bar instead of juist in the history and seems to be quicker although that may be due to most of my extensions and themes/skins being missing.

Great trying out hte new build and another one is apparently right around the corner. Firefox 3 Beta 5 is going to be released soon as the deadlines for bug fixes passed last week.

Try it out today and go through my pain, we can commiserate together about insignificant bumps in the road.